We Demand You Repeal the Oppressive Income Tax


Albert Einstein said: “The hardest thing to understand is the income tax.”

Imagine never having to pay income taxes again.

Obscene Fact 1: The poorest 3.6 billion people have less wealth than the world’s eight wealthiest men. Most multi-millionaires and billionaires accumulated their wealth just like President Trump, who has evaded paying any income taxes for over 30 years.

 Obscene Fact 2: An unbelievable $80+ trillion in private surplus American wealth and huge sums of corporate income are never taxed. Why? Because the Reagan/Bush administrations conspired with Congress to create a loophole-ridden, 70,000+ page tax code that favors extremely wealthy people and giant corporations.

Obscene Fact 3: American families pay over 50% of their income on taxes, more than for food, housing, transportation and clothing combined, while extremely wealthy Americans and giant corporations pay 0%, or very little. Even multi- billionaire investor Warren Buffet says so.

Obscene Fact 4: The rigged income tax code is the primary cause of the gargantuan inequalities in income and wealth, the healthcare mess, low wages, underemployment, governmental and corporate corruption, the deteriorating social safety net, unequal opportunity, the grotesque national and student debt and the sluggish economy.  

The Solution: By signing this Petition your voice and many others will force Congress to replace the current rigged tax code with the following innovative three-pronged Prosperity Revenue Code:

Prong 1: a 2%-4% sales tax, excluding expenditures for basic human needs.

Prong 2: a 5%-10% tax on giant corporate revenue, small businesses are entirely exempted.

Prong 3: a 1%-10% tax on net surplus private wealth over $5 million.

Make your voice heard by signing this Petition now.

The Prosperity Revenue Code will improve life for every American by:

(1) reducing the taxes paid by American families by 50%, saving them $2,500-$15,000 year;

(2) freeing every American family and small business from the 10 billion+ stress-producing hours and hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars spent each year preparing their income tax returns;

 (3) eliminating small business income taxes, thereby delivering a massive stimulus to the economy and creating tens-of-millions of well-paid jobs.

(4) improving America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace by leveling the playing field for America’s families, small businesses, students and retirees;

(5) growing government revenue by collecting the more than 50% of currently untaxed and uncollected tax revenue, which will provide the revenue needed to reduce the national debt, to cancel student debt and boost all segments of our now deteriorating social safety net.

(6) improving business productivity by providing the impetus to make business decisions based on quality and competitive factors rather than tax considerations;

(7) eliminating the political corruption involved in creating tax loopholes.

Make your voice heard. Tell Congress to replace the oppressive income tax code with the Prosperity Revenue Code by signing here:  https://www.change.org/p/u-s-congress-petition-to-repeal-the-income-tax?

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